We Know Esports


Our team at Continuant Esports has been closely tied to the esports world since the very beginning. In fact, we were on the design and build team for the first dedicated esports broadcast arena in the US, perched atop Fifth Avenue in New York City. We know esports, and we’ve been involved in the conversation from the start. Unlike traditional broadcasting companies, we don’t start with the technical details. We start with creative inspiration. We dream up innovative and unique arenas and facilities first, then make all the technical details fit those creative goals. We think outside the box, which sets us above others in our field. Plus, we're gamers ourselves. We know the culture, and the emotion of the game. In this world, anything less would be unacceptable. 

We start with imagination and innovation, then mix in unmatched technical experience.

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Formerly Ellis Pro Systems...

"Strike while the iron's hot". It's a centuries-old saying, reminding us to act in the present moment when the right opportunity arises. Well, esports is going bonkers globally right now. With dozens of professional team licenses being sold for as much as $60,000,000... with colleges and universities all across the US forming esports teams and giving full-ride scholarships to players, we realized that a huge wave of arenas and venues had to be designed, built, and maintained. Sure, as said before, we were in this from the beginning, but if we wanted to really stake our flag on the esports moon, we needed to up our game in some ways. Meanwhile, the Board of a completely established Managed Services for Enterprise corporation was discussing new verticals to apply their horsepower to. Of course, the raging esports industry came up. That company is Continuant, and has been delivering exceptional service to the Enterprise for over two decades. 

Fast forward a bit, and esports pioneer Ellis Pro Systems and Networking giant Continuant have merged to form a completely focused, stout, and capable esports company - Continuant Esports. This merger allows us to not only bring our consultation, design, and integration expertise to the market, but provides the ability for us to scale rapidly, all with an unrivaled team of Customer Service and Support Staff, available 24/7. The iron was hot, and we struck it. Hard.


Let's create something powerful together.