With over 500 million viewers worldwide, the world of esports is here to stay. Now, more than ever, it is
only a matter of time before esports reaches the colleges and universities across the United States and
the world. There is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of this esport phenomenon, by building a
varsity esport program on your campus. Through a varsity esports program you can make your school or
university more attractive to a larger unreached demographic, provide higher visibility on growing
platforms and even get recognition on a national scale. In order to achieve these benefits though, your
esports program must be built with core fundamentals from the ground up. At Continuant Esports, we
use our industry expertise to build and guide your program, a must in the fast changing and booming
ecosystem of the esport world.

The world of esports is complicated. Unlike traditional sports there are so many pieces to navigate. A
core consequence given the nature of the video games esports are built upon. From the individual
publishers of the games your teams may play, to the organizations that manage the collegiate programs,
it can be a difficult endeavour to figure out as you go. We know the industry, what the games are, and
even the games that may be big in the future. We can help you in those crucial beginning stages to get
you setup with the right partners, understand the requirements for your program, and ensure you get
the whole picture every step of the way.
 Establish industry partnerships and affiliations
 Strategic planning for how esports fits on your campus
 Develop your business case for esports
 Program sustain for varsity and game industry changes

The facilities and requirements for where you play esports and what it takes to ensure its success are
important. From streaming setups so fans can watch your players play, to live events with thousands of
spectators, we at Continuant Esports understand the places needed that players need to play and
compete. We work closely with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve and make it a
 Understand your use case and develop a plan that suits it
 Plan for live streaming and broadcast
 Design and implement professional AVL
 Data network enhancement and optimization

Production Services
Having your facility is only one step of the equation, running your events and broadcasting is another.
Once your esports arena is up and running, Continuant Esports can help you maximize its potential. We
provides a full range of ongoing services to protect your investment and keep the solution cutting edge
for years to come.
 Live production and broadcast
 24/7 remote and onsite technical support
 Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance

 Lifecycle management and scheduled hardware refresh