Immersive Environments for Live Spectator Viewing

eSports arenas take competitive online gaming to the next level, and bring world-class competitors together in one venue to compete live, head-to-head. These arenas are places to gather around common interest, and create community around shared passion. Spectators who used to only watch their favorite gamers online are now in the same room with celebrity gamers, and cheering them on as they play. The energy in eSports arenas can only be described as electric.

esports arenas give gaming professionals a platform to ignite excitement and connect with their fans live and in-person. 


It's All About the Experience


esports arenas have completely augmented the traditional game playing experience.

The video game world used to be confined to little screens in dark rooms. Now, that experience has been amplified to Pro-Sports level proportions. Remember how you felt when you attended your first professional basketball game? The energy, sound, and sheer mass of people was electric. That’s what we’ve captured in the world of eSports. Playing video games has become a competitive, immersive experience for players and fans alike. 

These arenas are platforms to recognize players that have honed their craft and developed an incredible level of talent and ability. It’s a forum for fans to connect and cheer on their favorite teams. It’s an opportunity for gamers to take the stage and show off their skills. Plus, eSports arena events can be broadcasted on Twitch so that fans can tune in from all over the world. 


Behind the Scenes


Building an eSports arena from the ground up requires the convergence of experts from a wide variety of sectors. You need technical experts who understand the mechanics of large-scale lighting, sound, video, and broadcasting projects. If any one of these areas is weak, the whole experience is dampened.

Creating an inspiring environment for spectators requires precision, excellence, and world-class expertise.

Beyond the technical expertise, you need a team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the eSports industry. There’s a unique and powerful culture that’s grown around eSports, and without an insider’s perspective, you’ll be building in the dark. eSports arenas aren’t just cool venues. They’re highly complex and technical environments for showcasing the online world of gaming. The partnership of technical expertise and an acute awareness of the eSports culture is absolutely essential for creating a successful arena experience. The team at Ellis Pro Systems has been a frontrunner in the eSports industry since its conception. We combine technical expertise with a cultural understanding that you can't find anywhere else. 

Partner with us to Create World-Class eSports Arenas.